July 31, 2012


1. self portrait                                       2. busy

3. best part of your day                                         4. fun              

5. on the floor                                      6. chair

7. garden                                             8. lunch

             9. big                                         10. your favorite color

11. letter                                             12. texture

13. open                                            14. building

15. finger                                       16. sign

17. your addiction                                             18. plate      

19. animal/insect/pet                                          20. eyes          

21. 9 o'clock                                          22. upside down

23. mirror                                         24. a stranger

25. heart                                             26. sunshine

27. on the road                                                28. cup

29. last thing you bought                                                30. calm      

31. toothbrush


July 30, 2012

July 28, 2012

boozy brunch in the train station

brunch is awesome.

but boozy brunches are the bees knees.

so we decided to check out
a fancy brunch spot,

it's in the train station,
and it's super cute. 


they even have crayons for you to draw with.


and the food was awesome.

soft shell crab eggs benedict & red velvet pancakes        

will we eat there again?
most definitely.

July 27, 2012

murder mystery dinner theatre disaster

a couple of weeks ago
i was walking by the hotel congress
and saw a sign for murder mystery dinner theatre. 


then we showed up. 

and were the youngest people there. 
by approximately 40 years.


but at least we got to check out 
the inside of hotel congress.

other good things that happened that night:
strawberry shortcake
and i solved the murder mystery.

July 26, 2012


there may be few things better
than a fresh fruit popsicle
on a hot summer day. 
so when i learned about cyclopsicle
i knew i had to give a try.

it was everything i could ever hope for. 
and more.

cantaloupe mint & papaya lime