August 27, 2013

2013 -- week 33 -- that time we almost died on a mountain

we bit off a little more than we could chew and tried to complete a 12 mile hike up to mt. kimball. it was kind of a disaster; we almost died on that mountain. but i learned a lot and shared my thoughts on i scream for sunshine. read my advice for going on long hikes here.

August 23, 2013

DIY engagement photos

we took some cute engagement photos of ourselves as we walked around the college of william and mary's campus. read more about it on i scream for sunshine.

August 22, 2013

the college

walk down memory lane with me as i take rcg to visit my alma mater on i scream for sunshine! read about it here.

August 21, 2013

August 16, 2013

August 13, 2013

road trip -- santa fe, new mexico to flagstaff, arizona -- day 5

read about our last day of driving here.

and remember, my website has changed to, be sure to change your bookmarks! 

August 8, 2013

big news. huge.

no. i'm not preggers. calm down. 

i've finally pulled my life together and got my new blog/website up and running!!

from here on out you will be able to find all of the wonderful goodness of ice cream & sunshine on i scream for sunshine!

so this is your heads up notice. i will start with a gentle switch over, my posts will be on both sites at first, but by november 1st it will be all i scream for sunshine, all the time. 

i'm so excited!

August 7, 2013


does your life ever go in phases? one minute you're busier than you've ever been before, and the next minute there's absolutely nothing to do? that's how my july was. because school is out for the summer, i have a bit of a reprieve at work -- i don't have to go in everyday, i'm not running teen pregnancy prevention clubs, and there isn't a whole lot to that i can do to prep for the upcoming year. so i sit at home, snuggle with the kittenz, watch bad tv, and pretend to do work. but the arizona school year isn't like new york's or virginia's. in arizona students have may and june off, and they go back to school in july. july!! that's insane. july is for playing in fire hydrants or sitting by the pool, getting ice cream from ice cream trucks, and doing your summer reading. and so is august for that matter. but not in arizona; it's too hot. so the second half of july was an intense whirlwind of contacting schools, setting up recruitment events and even beginning my first TOP club of the 2013-2014 school year. crazy. but we did find to enjoy ourselves in flagstaff and hiking in the santa catalina mountains.

i hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my everyday life for july 2013.

happiness is: happy birthday cornelius! // shoes: shoe buddies // cold: homemade popsicles
red, white, & blue: pie for breakfast on july 4th // love: cat in a box // fave smell: dinner with friends
where you are: inside out of the monsoon // path: the shark // 3 things: T4C
smooth: driving through a haboob // i wore this: fun skirt patterns // bad habit: procrastination & too many tabs
4 o'clock: blue skies in flagstaff // edible: hawaiian ice! // outside the window: monsoon!
bottles: mess beside the bed // inspirational: cool cat says "relax" // numbers: kickball game
building: bar crawl sight seeing // hot: hot plate // fave food: too many onions!
gray: storm rages outside // i drew this: doodles and notes // d is for: driving
ground: bored at work // the everyday: recruitment for TOP // black & white: matchbox 20 concert
this is new: weird, but delicious german pancake // perspective: keep working! // friendship: snuggles
workspace: prepping for a new school year

what did you do during july?

August 1, 2013

2013 -- week 30 -- work, work, work, & lots of fun!

this past week was one of my busiest -- i had to work six of the seven days, drive over 1000 miles, and recruit students from three different schools to join the teen pregnancy prevention program i run. it was a bit intense. 

(ps. if you're interested in learning sex ed facts and statistics, please like pinal county teen outreach program on facebook. it's a great resource for teens, parents, and teachers to learn more about teenage sexual health education!)

but there were also some really awesome things that happened this week -- rcg and i celebrated our anniversary with dippin' dots, the ice cream of the future, and my favorite ice cream of all time, and we went to a matchbox twenty concert! it was like a two day extravaganza especially for me. and it was amazing for a couple of reasons. when rcg surprised me with dippin' dots, it convinced me, beyond any doubt, how awesome he is, and how well he knows me. and that's a really cool feeling. and then he was totally supportive of my desire to appease my eighth grade self and see matchbox twenty. he patiently sat through the concert, without so much as one whine, even though he had been up since 3:30am and hiked 15 miles, and would have much rather been asleep than listening to rob thomas croon to screaming girls. i'm so lucky!

since i am the one who puts together our project life "pages" each week, sometimes i feel like i'm not properly documenting what goes on in rcg's life, just my own. which is totally lame. especially since he gets to do some cool things at work; just check out his day in the life from february 28, 2013. so anytime he does something super cool without me i try to remember to ask him to take at least a couple of pictures for me. that way i can document the neat things he does when i'm not around. like this past weekend, when he went hiking with a friend in the santa catalina mountains. (if you're interested in trying out the trail they hiked, you can find it here.) they've been doing a lot of hiking over the past couple of months (in june they hiked mt. wrightson and in march we all hiked baboquivari) because they're prepping for a rim to rim hike through the grand canyon in september! i'm pretty pumped for them!!

what do you do so that you can document everyone in your family's week?