ice cream.

i use this book for a lot of my ideas and recipes
buy it here.

and here are some pretty awesome 
places to eat ice cream:

mexico city



2013 ice cream
7. strawberry rhubarb ice cream
6. mint ice cream
5. orange creamsicle ice cream
4. grapefruit sorbet
3. blood orange sorbet
2. cranberry sorbet
1. chocolate ice cream

2012 ice cream
11. chocolate candy cane
10. chocolate cookies and cream
9. cookies and cream ice cream
8. vanilla ice cream
7. chocolate peanut butter ice cream
6. strawberry frozen yogurt
5. basil ice cream
4. avocado ice cream
3. peach ice cream
2. lime sorbet
1. chocolate ice cream (times a million)

2011 ice cream
19. basil ice cream
** vanilla peanut butter ice cream
18. avocado ice cream
17. black and red (raspberry) sorbet
16. blueberry ice cream
15. papaya lime sorbet
14. mango sorbet
13. strawberry sorbet
12. strawberry ice cream
11. rhubarb sorbet
10. tiramisu ice cream
9. chocolate thin mint ice cream (sans eggs)
8. vanilla ice cream
** chocolate thin mint ice cream
** chocolate peanut butter ice cream
7. chocolate ice cream
6. pineapple sorbet
5. pomegranate ice cream?
4. orange juice sorbet
3. buddha's hand creamy water ice
2. kiwano sorbet
1. apple ice cream
*cranberry ice cream
*blood orange sorbet
* = almost made it and maybe will have to count if i don't make my goal
** = does it count? i mean i made the base flavor and then added some stuff to it to make this flavor. does that mean it is a new, other, different flavor?