April 25, 2011

spring breeeeaaaak bitches!

so i just got back from the czech republic --
i went there with jb and his family. 

and had a great time. 

there will be more updates as the pictures are developed, 
but i wanted to share the first part now:

the 17 million hour flight from new york to prague.

we checked in nice and early, 
got some hot wings at the airport, 
and went to the gate.

where we were bumped up to business elite. 


that's right, 

 the chairs are so far away from each other 
that we couldn't reach the ones in front of us.


cause we can recline and sleep the whole time if we want.



we got a fancy menu.
we got to choose what we wanted for our main course -- 
there were four courses. 

crazy pants.

and we got a goody bag:
toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
socks and eye visor
chapstick and lotion
ear plugs

and you know that i stole that adorable champagne glass.
i mean, 
it's a flute,
but with a tiny stem.

crazy awesome.